Save the Planet | Filmmaker Contest

by alphamotions

Will You Adapt?

The question is: will you adapt? Because, Earth is already adapting. Earth adapts all the time, she evolves. Humans think they do, but meanwhile our footprint grows and our bad influence on global changes gets bigger.

The human is the species that persistently hold on to their habbits of poluting, uncontrolled harvesting of earth’s sources for their own gain on short notice, and neglecting the devastating consequences of doing so. Humans need to adjust more to their habitat: the earth. Change the habbits, change the insatiable craving for energy, change their needs and their thinking. We humans need to adapt in order to be able to live on this beautiful planet which we call our own, but which is far from our possesion.

Vamify – Video assets

I appreciate very much the use of good footage and good music, because in a film the details make the difference. That’s why I liked to participate in Save The Planet | Filmmaker Contest of Vamify. Especially because the question is always tempting for me as a filmmaker: Can I get the message to someone, and create some sort of response or action?
VamifyLogoVamify provided the footage (by Jakob Owens & Omri Ohana) and the audio tracks (by Julez Jadon & Rene Abe) and even the soundfx, and every participant would make their own montage of 30 seconds with one final slogan – to Save the planet.


Founded by passionate filmmakers David and Felix, they offer video assets to let others grow with their vision on filmmaking. They build their own business as a film production company and made their dream come true.
Check out the website:


My submission

As a musician I know which control music can have on your perception of things. It creates emotion, ambiance, focus, rhythm and music supports the footage whithout sometimes even being noticed consiously.

In my submission I choose to create a setting in which the nature’s beauty is emphasized. By starting with a peaceful green and sunlight, combined with gentle music I guide the viewer to watch the images of forests and flowers, lovely sunlight. How colourful they are.
But because 30 seconds is not very long, a sudden unexpected twist is presented by a colourful scene of humans footprint. I don’t want to spoil the moment too much, but it should take you by surprise and leave you wondering about the question asked at the end. Will You Adapt?


I won the 2nd price!!

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Vamify ( is very much worth to visit if you are a filmmaker, videographer. You can follow them on
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AlphaMotions won 3rd price in 2018

In 2018 Vamify organized an editor contest too. I submitted my video and this was appreciated with the third price.
The assignment was a little different than the contest in 2019. In 2018 the challenge was to promote corn with the provided footage and audio.
Meanwhile the website changed from to their brandname:

3rd price winner