Military Boekelo

Military Boekelo-Enschede is one of the best sporting events in the world. That is also the reason all international top riders want to be there. In Boekelo the starting grid every year includes a number of Olympic medalists and international champions. The main reasons for the world top to travel to Boekelo is the sophisticated trail, designed by Olympic designer Sue Benson; the typical “Twentse” pleasant and informal atmosphere and tens of thousands of spectators in the cross-country.
AlphaMotions made a compilation of footage shot during the Cross-Country. One of the biggest challenges was the length of the track and the amount of gear to carry. Every horse would take about 10 minutes to run the track of 6 kilometers while jumping over all the obstacles and running through the water. But a cameraman needs longer than that! I couldn’t go around the whole track, so I decided on the go which obstacles I would shoot. Find three perfect spots and set up the camera’s and meanwhile get out of the way every 6 minutes when a participant passes at high speeds.

Created by AlphaMotions | 15 oktober 2015 | aftermovie, moodfilm, paardensport, uitgelicht