Jack Link’s Eventingteam

Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s is an Americian family owned business with a worldwide footprint and is a marketleader in branded protein snacks. The EMEA division (Europe) has a strong presence in Germany, the UK, Belgium, and The Netherlands, selling high quality salami snacks and beef jerky.
The Marketing Director (EMEA) Laura Trivulzio decided to create a new commercial Eventingteam together with international Eventer Nick Ros. Their goal is to promote the products of Jack Link’s and being able to select and train young Eventing riders to reach a next level in their Eventing careers. And with that: promoting the beautiful Eventing sport.


AlphaMotions made this in 2018 to announce the first public lauch of the Team and the website and of the things arround it, like an Training center, Training programs and Competition series.


AlphaMotions build the website for the Jack Link’s Eventingteam (jacklinkseventing.nl) and an private intranet site voor de Teammembers to share their experiences amoung each other. Together with the photograher Stefanie van Oostenbrugge (Esveo fotografie) AlphaMotions is responsible for the public communication and the (motion) pictures on the site and the social media channels.

Created by AlphaMotions | 1 februari 2019 | feature clip, paardensport, promo, uitgelicht