North Holland Horse Trials 2017

Cross Country

The North Holland Horse Trials is an international Eventing competition on the beautiful open grounds of Manege Beukers and the Geestmerambacht Recreation Area in Oudkarspel. Top riders from all over Europe and even China take part in this competition. Among these riders are national teams and Olympic participants.

Marketing for 2019

Motion pictures are one of the easiest, and apealing ways to show of a lot of information about events. The ambience, the quality, the statistiques, and of course the peaple and the riders. It’s a fast way to present a portion of the XC course and show the obstacles which the atletes are facing. For the organization this video is used as a header on their website ( and gives the visitor of the site a fast and comfortable way to get acquainted with the event. Also for sponors these moving images are reason to help decide if they want to commit their companyname to this event.
Besides the header the film has been posted on their social media channels as a aftermovie which resulted in al lot of views and reactions.

In 2019 the organization wanted to continue the co-operation with AlphaMotions and asked to make two films with new footage with the Cross Country of 2019. One for the marketing and announcement of the 2020 edition, and one the use as a moodfilm for finding new sponsors.

Created by AlphaMotions | 1 September 2020