Military Boekelo Enschede 2018

Cross Country

The FEI Nations Cup is an important challenge for eventers. Boekelo is one of the 7 competitions where riders can challenge as a nation. Besides their personal results the group results per nation are reason for eventers from all over the world to participate in Boekelo. In 2019 the qualifications for a ticket to the Olympic Games in 2020 are the last change to be present in Tokyo.

In 2018 the weather in Boekelo was wonderful, a lot of people saw this oportunity to go out and enjoy the outdoor event and have a good time while watching the horses galloping by.


When only 1 horse comes by every 6 minutes, there is some time to prepare your shot, but like horses, it often goes different than expected. Riders sometimes have an alternative route which takes more time, but is less difficult to do for their horses. And than there is speed. In only a few seconds they ran by and are out of sight.

For me it’s a real challenge to get nice shots and tell a story of their spectacular sport, and keep in mind that this is typically Boekelo, so the ambience of the event is very different from other events. It’s an international competition and so I like to have a lot of different countries covered in the montage. On the Cross Coountry day, I walk around with my camera looking for nice shots, and angles, and try to make as much usable footage as possible. Later in the montage I select the best shots and make a raw sequence with it. And a few versions further in the process I have a edit that I am content with. Then the music is another story. It’s 50% of the atmosphere of the clip, yet hard to find in the stock libraries where I have to search. You can’t just take a popular song from the radio, You’ll need a licence to even use it in an edit, and later on publish it online.

Finishing touch are the visual FX and the audio FX, the texts and the different channels where I will eventually post it. Instagram had IGTV Stories and a normal post – all with different specs. And than there are Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Universal Horse Data, Twitter, Linkedin….
I’m happy with this video, because it is full of energy, and it shows clearly the co-operation between rider and horse. It has a good pace and shows a lot of the event of Military Boekelo.

Created by AlphaMotions | 31 August 2020 | aftermovie, equestrain sports, featured