Eventing Emmeloord 2018

Cross Country

The upcoming fifth edition of Eventing Emmeloord will take place in the Noordoostpolder on Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July 2019. It is an international Eventing competition with four categories: CCI 2 * -S, CCI 2 * -L, CCI 3 * -S and a CCI3 * -L.

The video contains motion pictures of the Cross Country and thanks volunteers and sponsors for their contribution to the event.


Eventing Emmeloord is still a relatively young event. This promo was made during the fourth edition. But the competition is a very nice one. Through the Kuinderbos and across the plains with water features, it is a very pleasant introduction to the Flevopolder for both rider and visitor.
The video promo has been used in social media and on the website. In YouTube a poll (short questionnaire) has been added asking about the experiences of this competition with young and less experienced horses.


This was also the reason to meet with the organization to do more with motion pictures, to support the ambitions with motion pictures and help achieve the goals in communication and marketing.

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