Eventing Amsterdamse Bos 2017

Eventing Amsterdamse Bos

The organization consists of a permanent core and more than 100 volunteers. Because there is a lot to consider: obstacles, permits, parking spaces, a straw village, parking guards, first aiders, obstacle controllers, a jumping course, and a cross course, a dressage arena, jury members, and everything must also comply with strict rules of the KNHS. (Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation)

As webmaster of SGW Amsterdamse Bos I was closely involved in the organization and especially the communication to the outside world. The website is a business card of the event and even more than that.

All registrations of the more than 350 riders go through the webshop of the website. Besides the photos that are used on the site to make it look attractive, I also made a video to get a good impression of what it entails.

Created by AlphaMotions | 1 September 2020