Bavaria 0.0 Eventing Team – scouting day

Scouting day

To discover new talent that may qualify for the Bavaria Talent Team or the Talent Experience, Tim Lips organizes a Scouting Day with the Team where talent can show what they can already do.

Along the way, the Teammembers of the Bavaria 0.0. Eventing team look for talents who can be included in the program. They are given an aptitude test in which they take a test in all three eventing disciplines (dressage, jumping and cross country). All this takes place at the Bavaria 0.0 Eventing Team Training Center (Equestrian Center de Schalm).


The video has been used as a kind of aftermovie in which the mood of the event plays an important role. All participants had clothing in the colors of Bavaria, 0.0 drinks were distributed at the finish, the training center was nicely decorated and a number of sponsors had set up their booth to give advice to interested parties.

This was viewed fairly well, but if it were part of a campaign, there would have been much more to be gained. However, this was not decided by the customer at the time.

Created by AlphaMotions | 1 September 2020