Eventing Ede – Putten 2018

Cross Country

Every year this competition is held on the Valouwe estate. The cross takes place in Ede (de Valouwe) but the jumping and dressage in Putten.
The Cross Country (XC) most appeals to the imagination and is therefore popular with both riders and public. This part of Eventing is therefore very suitable to use as an announcement for an upcoming edition. This also applies to SGW Ede-Putten. With the images of 2018 I made an atmospheric announcement for 2019.


I always believe the atmosphere in a video is very important. The music determines that to a great extent, and I then look for the right images of the subject with the tempo that suits the music. The action of this equestrian sport is so dynamic that a calm, almost dreamy atmosphere fits well with a review of the past year. Many different points of view from the camera can be seen, without being disturbing. An impression of how audience and supporters experience such a cross day can immediately be seen, but as a rider you also see what to expect and what ambiance there is.

Created by AlphaMotions | 1 September 2020