motion with pictures

Motion pictures rule

Motion pictures will tell you a lot more than text only. It shows a story to the viewer, which can’t always be told in words.

It contains rhythm, sound, text and it flirts with emotion. You do not simply watch a film, it’s a whole experience. I will show your story in a video, in a beautiful and efficient and comfortable way. In such a way that the viewer feels the connection with the true message.

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grandorser beheert het landschap

The purest form of movement puts everything in perspective: without darkness, no light, without stillness, no commotion.

est. in 2008


If you manage to ‘catch’ the light it give you such a magical feeling: it is a fascination. AlphaMotions originated from that drive.

To connect with the movement of light, and to touch the viewer with the story you are showing. It started with photography, but I missed one important aspect: time. Jumping from one time to another, making a turn that takes the viewer on a short journey. Film and motion-pictures can do that, and music plays an important role in all this.

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Spread your message

You want your story to be heard and seen, but everyone listens and watches differently.

Together we will investigate what motivates your audience, who your target group is and what appeals to them. Of course we respond to that. You will receive advice on how to use the video as a tool in your marketing. By thinking along and using my experience, your publications in for example social-media will become extra effective.

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interview Kleur van je hart


Live streaming

An evenement or workshop livestream to the internet: because of the current COVID-19 conditions in the world it is often not possible to do things in presence of your public of audience. In those cases livestreaming is the solution, so your customers or audience are witness at the same moment that it happens, and you can still reach them.

‘Live’ actually means that it comes straight out of the camera, and with multi cameras the final result will be ‘switched’ between cameras. You can post it directly to the internet via a live stream, but you can also save it, edit it, expand it to an entire show, for another moment. The great thing is that in a live switched production image and sound have already been ‘edited’. And your audience is witness to what is happening when it happens, and can be in different places. In addition, live interaction is also possible.

Using high-end cameras the imagequality is good and because of the professional mics the audio is clear and evenly mixed. This is also an alternative for music and theater performances or lectures that makes it possible to reach your audience. We can also easily build studio light anywhere you want.

Having a meeting that needs to look good (not with a laptop), or is complex because of the different participants and presentations? Multicam switching / streaming is a relatively simple solution. For events, workshops, meetings, training courses, webinars. Even if there is an audience, it may be desirable to have multicam recordings for a constituency who cannot attend.

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For whom

AlphaMotions produces videos for companies, event organizers, small entrepreneurs, agencies, organizations and governments.

There are countless types of motion pictures: a corporate movie, promo, or an online training or instructional video. Watch the examples of a mood film, an aftermovie or video clip in my portfolio. You will also find a event compilation or a company presentation for a mobile app. In short: everywhere the motion pictures are used for.

Motions pictures are nowadays a must in every sector. With years of experience in the equestrian sector, the music world, Coaching, City Marketing and the business world, it is clear to me that I can make videos and films for every market, which are necessary to make customers stand out.

You want to be able to show potential customers why they should choose you, you want to be able to explain to them what you can do for them. People also expect to get a good impression of your services or products online.

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The strength, purity and smooth movement of a horse create its beauty. These are important values for the vision of AlphaMotions and that is why the logo contains a silhouette of a galloping horse.

the symbol in my logo

what I consider important

My values

What I find most important is that my film touches the viewer and connects and preferably evokes an emotion.

Moving images are efficient, easy to consume, and easy to share. It is important to me that if you pay a lot of attention to your message, that your video should correspond to that. Details matter.

Videoproductie: Dordrecht begint bij de Thuredrith

My customers like good quality and appreciate the right finishing touch and care, that I put into my products. Beauty touches me personally, so I strive to achieve that, in all kinds of areas, in image quality, sound, music, the dynamics of the story, the finish and details.

Sometimes it is not immediately apparent why one video is better than another, that is why I also follow my intuition and experience and trust my expertise. That is why I spend that extra effort on the final result to make just that difference.

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The influence of music in a video is great. It makes the images more expressive and has a major effect on our feelings.

de sterke factor: muziek